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Freaked "Twelve Milkmen" Tie dye

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Product Information

  • Screen printed on 5.3oz, pre-shrunk, 100% cotton tees
  • Unisex sizing
  • Classic fit
  • No two shirts will be exactly alike
Care instructions

Machine wash separately. Tumble dry low.

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"Freaked" is a 1993 comedy horror film that follows a vain actor named Ricky Coogan who travels to a South American country to endorse a toxic chemical manufactured by an eccentric entrepreneur, Elijah C. Skuggs. However, Coogan and his friends find themselves transformed into bizarre and grotesque mutants after an encounter with Skuggs' experimental mutagen. Trapped in Skuggs' mutant freak show, they join forces with a group of other misfit mutants to escape and bring down Skuggs' twisted plans. The film stands out for its wild and offbeat humor, over-the-top practical effects, and satirical take on media, corporate greed, and the exploitation of human oddities. "Freaked" remains a cult favorite for its anarchic spirit and unconventional approach to comedy and horror.

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Devin Watson is a seasoned illustrator and designer based in Baltimore, MD. With over 15 years of working in art, and a unique ability to blend horror, architecture, and eye-catching colors, Devin’s work has been featured on book covers, beer bottles, t-shirts, comics, posters, magazines, and more. You can find his work in our collections for Suspiria, Green Room, Freaked, Idle Hands, and many more.