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The Return of the Living Dead - Barf bag

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The Return of the Living Dead

"The Return of the Living Dead" is a 1985 horror-comedy film directed by Dan O'Bannon. The story begins when a pair of bumbling employees at a medical supply warehouse accidentally release a toxic gas that reanimates the dead. As the gas spreads, a group of misfit teenagers and a group of warehouse employees find themselves trapped in a nightmarish scenario as they face off against hordes of flesh-eating zombies. Combining dark humor, gruesome practical effects, and a punk rock soundtrack, the film offers a satirical take on the zombie genre while delivering thrills, gore, and memorable characters. "The Return of the Living Dead" has since become a cult classic, beloved by horror fans for its unique blend of comedy and horror.

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Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson is a freelance artist based in New York and specializes in creating artwork for the horror genre. Dismay has worked alongside the top horror brands in the world due to his unique talent and ability to tap into the genre to capture the spirit of both modern and classic horror alike, drawing inspiration from Stephen King novels, punk rock, and 80s slasher films. You can find Luke’s artwork featured on several our releases, including Night of the Living Dead, Suspiria, The Void, and more.