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Street Trash 30"x40" Flag

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Product Information

  • Printed on premium quality fabric
  • Hemmed edges
  • 4 grommets, 1 in each corner for easy hanging

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Street Trash

"Street Trash" is a 1987 horror-comedy film directed by J. Michael Muro. The story is set in the slums of Brooklyn, where a liquor store owner sells a toxic brand of booze called "Tenafly Viper" to homeless people for a dollar. When they drink it, the alcohol causes their bodies to melt and explode in a gruesome and gory fashion. Amidst this chaos, a Vietnam War veteran named Fred and his younger brother attempt to survive and escape the violence. The film is known for its outrageous and over-the-top violence, dark humor, and social commentary on poverty and homelessness in urban areas.

About the designer

Matt Stikker

Matt Stikker is a freelance illustrator and designer out of Portland, OR. His ability to bring to life various monsters, demons, and scenes straight out of the apocalypse has led to an extensive list of clients that include Relapse Records, Pig Destroyer, Power Trip, Metallica, and more. Matt is also the guitarist, vocalist, and main lyricists for the black/death metal band Drouth. You can find Matt’s work in our Street Trash, The Void, and Dead Alive collections.